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We’re college students with ideas of how to promote senior living careers to a younger generation

Read Lily and Riley’s guest article in McKnight’s Senior Living at www.mcknightsseniorliving.com/home/columns/guest-columns/we-are-college-students-with-ideas-of-how-to-promote-senior-living-careers-to-a-younger-generation/.

Lily and Riley are two college students working at Vision Centre as student research assistants. Although their paths are different, they were both drawn to the aging services field to make an impact on the lives of older adults.

In a submission to McKnight’s Senior Living, Lily and Riley share their perspectives on how senior living leaders and organizations can promote senior living careers to a younger generation. Their tips include offering and advertising paid field experiences, sharing positive stories on social media, the web, and news outlets, and partnering with high schools for volunteer experiences.

If you’re interested in connecting directly with Lily and Riley, contact Kiki Beschorner, Associate Director of Operations, at kbeschorner@visioncentre.org.