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University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire: A National Model for the Senior Living Workforce

Listen to Doug and Shay’s segment on “Central Time” with radio host Rob Ferrett: https://www.wpr.org/listen/2120337

Doug Olson, President and CEO of Vision Centre, and Shayana VanEyll, a University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire student, recently joined radio host Rob Ferrett on “Central Time” to discuss solutions to the senior living workforce crisis. The radio segment explores the inception of the healthcare administration program at UW-Eau Claire and how the program has evolved and grown to be the model program for a career in aging services.

Shay dives into her pathway to senior living and what encouraged her to switch majors in her first year. Her interview also highlights how working in a long-term care setting debunked many of the fears and stereotypes of senior living. Finally, Shay’s interview looks deeper at the “secret sauce” of senior living administration programs – field experiences.

“One of the great things about the UW-Eau Claire programs is that during your final year, you are put into a long-term care facility where you are working as the assistant administrator…some of the things that I’ve learned in classes don’t compare to what you see in these facilities.”

On the other side, Doug discusses the industry trends impacting senior living and the work that Vision Centre and programs like UW-Eau Claire’s are doing to prepare good, stable and talented leaders that can positively impact the senior living workforce.

“We’re really focused on coordinating partnerships between providers and universities, providing a new narrative about the field and also about providing resources.”

The radio session ends with Doug encouraging people to participate in Vision Centre’s mission and goals. Contact Doug directly at Dolson@visioncentre.org or learn more at visioncentre.org.