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InVision Podcast Ep. 1

In this episode, Riley Tagatz kicks off the first edition of “InVision,” a monthly podcast hosted by Vision Centre: Leadership Development for Aging Services.

Riley is passionate about senior living leadership and is working with Vision Centre as a Student Research Assistant to further her knowledge in the field. She has a bachelor’s in health care administration from Western Kentucky University and is a current graduate student at WKU.

This podcast will provide regular inspiration and guidance to students interested in pursuing a career in senior living leadership, especially those working to become a licensed nursing home administrator or health care executive.

This episode features an interview with Trenton Klein. Trenton graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Operations Management and a certificate in Human Resources Management. Before his final semester of college, Trenton completed a senior living management internship at Trillium Woods, an LCS community in Plymouth, MN. Upon graduation, Trenton applied for and was extended an offer to work in LCS’s “Professional Development Program” as an administrator-in-training. Trenton was assigned to complete his AIT program at Marquette, a retirement community in his home state of Indiana. He was recently assigned to fill in as an Interim Administrator at Carillon, another LCS community in Lubbock, Texas.

Watch below or directly on YouTube here.