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Imagining a Better Future for Senior Living

Doug Olson, President and CEO of Vision Centre, was a recent guest on Senior Living Foresight with Steve Moran.

Doug shares his background as a nursing assistant, senior care administrator, and faculty and how that led to his unique path with the inception of Vision Centre, Leadership Developing for Aging Services.

Since the beginning, Vision Centre’s goal has remained the same. The goal is to create twenty-five (25) effective, robust, and sustainable academic programs, one thousand (1,000) paid field experiences, and significantly expand the number of strong partnerships by the year 2025.

Steve and Doug discuss the best ways to attract students, grow partnerships between senior living organizations and higher education institutions, and more. These tactics will help Vision Centre achieve its goal and lead the industry forward. This podcast explores the growing and evolving needs of senior living and the crucial need for effective leaders to stand at the forefront.

Listen to the full conversation here: Imagining a Better Future for Senior Living