Senior Living and Higher Education

Impacting the Future of Senior Living Education

The Vision Centre started as a grassroots movement, emerging from a collective sense of the pending leadership crisis the senior living industry faces. We have since evolved into a fully functioning not-for-profit entity facilitating relationships between universities and senior living providers to help advance recruitment and meet the pending needs of senior care.

The Vision Centre’s endeavor is proactive — acting upon a strategic plan that empowers universities, senior care and aging service providers, support associations, and key business partners to work collectively toward a common and crucial set of goals. In America alone, between now and 2040, the 65 and older population will reach an astonishing 80 million people. While the 85+ population will reach no less than 15 million, nearly quadruple what it was in 2000. Together, we have the ability to inspire the next generation of senior living industry leaders and attack the challenges of tomorrow, today.

The Vision Centre: Leadership Development for Aging Services is focused on creating impactful pathways for smarter, more successful senior care and senior living administration. Gain a deeper understanding of how we’re committing ourselves to meaningful change.

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